Terms of Service

The following document outlines the Mailbob terms and conditions of service. Koddrio, Inc., the company behind Mailbob, is headquartered in California, US. Mailbob provides mailing list management, analytics and email sending services for its customers.


Mailbob services are available to private persons and legal entities from anywhere in the world. Emails can only be sent with a valid credit card attached via our payment processor Stripe (payment limitations may apply) to the account as well as a valid email address.

Mailbob shall not be used to send unsolicited emails. All customer's email lists are signed off of on by customers that have double-opted in.

Age Restrictions

Mailbob customers should be 18 years or older. Mailbob customer mailing list subscribers should be 18 years or older.


Mailbob strives to provide reliable email deliverability but does not guarantee it as the content of emails will vary severely in what spam filters around the globe might consider as spam. Sent emails will count towards purchased and awarded quotas even if the recipient emails are no longer deliverable due to deleted inboxes.

Mailbob services and infrastructure may experience planned and unplanned downtime for up to 72 hours in a single month.

Mailbob is has no content moderation, and merely acts as a mailing list service. All content belongs to its respective Mailbob customers, who are liable for what is sent and who it is sent to. Any abuse of our services should be reported immediately to our abuse department or to [email protected], including copyright infringement claims, legal and criminal claims, spam claims, etc. However, Mailbob has the right to moderate issue publication and restrict or delay up to 24 hours the sending of content out preemtively that's considered spam, unethical, illegal, unsolicited, etc.

Mailbob shall not be held liable for any financial or legal demages due to undelivered mail, account termination, newsletter issue contents or spam. However, we may credit extra services as compensation as a gesture of goodwill.

Mailbob can make changes to customers' mailing lists based on legal and privacy policy requests, with some emails not being able to be added by customers as the owners of these emails have asked for removal and blocking. We hate spam and strive to keep our pipelines free of it.


Customers are only eligible for a refund on unused emails credits that have been purchsed, but not awarded (through referrals, bonuses, compensation), when terminating their account. Refund claims should be directed through our support service or [email protected] with supporting information.

Customers who have signed up with Mailbob are elibible for a "no-questions-asked" refund (including used email credits) within 14 days of account creation.

Referral Program

Mailbob runs a referral program that rewards customers and referrals for registrations in bonus emails. The terms of the referral program may be subject to change and reapplied retroactively with a 30-day email notice to impacted users.

Bug Bounty Program

You may be eligible for a monetary or email credit reward if you responsibly disclose any technical mistakes with Mailbob that lead to compromised data or infrastructure. Bruteforcing, social-engineering, denial-of-service vulnerabilities, outdated software versions and their disclosure will not warrant a bounty. Public disclosure and deployment of a vulnerability on user data will void a potential bounty. Responsible disclosure should be done to [email protected].

Account Termination

Mailbob can terminate accounts for various reasons. Abuse and legal requirements may result in immediate termination. Terms of service infractions will lead to an immediate suspension of services. Services may be restored depending on the infraction. Refund eligiblity for unused email credits will be provided as per the Refunds section of these terms.

Changes in Terms of Service

Mailbob reserves the right to change terms with a 15-day notice sent by email and a further 15-day transition period after publication where the previous terms still apply and the new terms are advisory for existing customers.