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Alternative to TinyLetter?

Mailbob is a newsletter platform for personal brands and small businesses. Enjoy our free plan with unlimited contacts and up to 2,000 monthly sends.

Our best in class content editor.
The dashboard and issue analytics.
Subscriber activity & engagement.

Following the closure of the popular newsletter platform TinyLetter, Mailbob emerges as an ideal alternative. Our platform is equipped with all essential tools required to create and send captivating emails to your subscribers.

Mailbob is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to effortlessly import your current subscribers from TinyLetter or Mailchimp with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can quickly integrate a subscription form into your website, making it seamless to start engaging with your audience.

TinyLetter vs. Mailbob
Pricing & Feature
Mailbob TinyLetter
Free tier subscribers/emails 2-10k emails 5k contacts max
Cost for 2,500 weekly sends, monthly $9 Free
Cost for 10,000 weekly sends, monthly $39 $110 (via Mailchimp)
Email & chat support Discontinued
Issue & subscriber analytics Limited
Hosted subscribe forms
Audience segmentation
Onboarding & developer support
Easy to use email editor
Enrich contact details (via Gravatar)
Full issue and subscribers export
Custom sending/profile domain
Easy to use REST API

While our free plan starts at only 2,000 monthly emails, we understand that migrating from TinyLetter you might require more. This is why we're extending an offer to all TinyLetter users to match their existing sending needs (up to 10,000) with some additional headroom, so you won't have to pay unless you grow your audience substantially. Simply open a support request after signing up and importing your list and we'll adjust your sending limits.